Before the barrel is staved
The basic skills of traditional cooperage


Greeks and other Eastern peoples used pitchers and man-size 'pithoi' as recipients to conserve their oil, honey, wine etc.Romans got acquainted with the wooden barrel through the Gauls. Henceforth they transported wine in wooden barrels to our regions. This enabled Charlemagne to impose a ban on trading wine in leather bags.  

The medieval coopers' guilds were held in high regard and the 16th century discoverers had coopers on board during their expeditions. In the Elisabethan period, during which goods were transported to all continents, the wooden barrel was the container of the time. Hundreds of coopers worked in the ports. The barrel was found in a wide variety on all levels of daily life.

After World War II 'ferblanterie' ousted the wooden barrel. The coopers' sons had to look for other jobs.

But the wooden barrel will overcome time in wine-producing countries and with producers of alcoholic beverages. The correlation between the wood structure and the fermentation process change an ordinary wine into a 'grand cru' and a blended whisky into a malt one.

Mechanisation, however, also in this sector, causes the knowledge of traditional skills of one of the most specialized woodworking crafts to disappear.

Therefore we have tried to answer the question how - from tree to barrel - by means of limited tools, a cooper succeeds in bending the wood and sealing the whole, not only of a wooden bucket, but also of mastodonts of 50,000 gallons and more.

An exciting story!



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